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30 jul201830 San Carlos - hidden gem in the heart of Antioquia natureplacesSan Carlos, ColombiaSan Carlos, Colombia When one makes plans to go to Colombia it is very possible that their very first stop will be Antioquia and to be exact Medellïn. After all it is The City of the Eternal Spring, Escobar tours, and much more entertainment. I will make an assumption here but I think most people do like such busy cities. Tourists, expats, and locals alike have to get away from that busyness every now and then and especialy during long weekends. The most common/possible destinations for such weekends definitely include Guatapé, Rionegro, San Rafael, or Santa Fe but Alexandra and I found, amongts those touristy, well-developed towns, a gem that made my stay in Colombia a thousand times more memorable. San Carlos is called the hydro-electrical capital of Colombia due to many dams in the region... Comments (0)more...21 jul201821 The Recycling Story - chapter 2 natureGuatapé, ColombiaGuatapé, Colombia Few weeks ago I wrote about the basic history of recycling and most of all - the types of plastic, which is the least recycled material despite being the most present.I have visited 11 different countries during last few years but things change quickly, therefore I can't say for myself what recycling is like there right now but I can say few things about the countries I have lived in recently.  But before I get to particular places, let's talk about the foundation. Recycling vs demographicsThe more countries I visit I always get mixed feelings in regards to recycling. It is most admirable when even in small towns the public garbage bins are duplicated and their purpose becomes more narrowed. At the same time my eyebrows raise, my forehead gets wrinkly, all when... Comments (1)more...16 jun201816 The Recycling Story - chapter 1 natureGuatapé, ColombiaGuatapé, Colombia Brief history of recyclingWhen it comes to the history of languages word recycling is just a baby. According to Etymonline the word recycling was first recorded in 1924 and used as a technical term in oil-refining and similar industries but its broader consumer sense dates from 1960. Modern defintions vary a little bit but of course oscilate around the same phenonmenon, this one is from United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment.It doesn't mean that our species only started reusing materials in 20th century. If you thought that was true you were off by a half million... Comments (0)more...12 may201812 The bright side of living off-grid natureplacesGuatapé, ColombiaGuatapé, Colombia It has been 5 weeks since I moved to Guatapé, or as locals call the area here Quebrada Arriva - located 5 km (3.1m) from the town itself or 6km (3.7m) from the nearby El Peñol. After all those weeks I am still as excited to be here as I was when moving day came upon me. When I looked at my life's history and where I lived throghout the years it is always clear I am a "small-town boy" as they say. 0 - 5 years old - Bolechówko, small village in Poland that had only nearly 600 habitants in 2014, so in 1987 you can bet it was significantly lower5 - 19 years old - Murowana Goślina, small town situated 20km (12.5m) from Poznań, established in XIV century and few years ago had just a little bit over 10 000 people19 - 23 years old - Bishop... Comments (0)more...14 apr201814 365 days of freedom, beauty, truth, and love peopleplacesGuatapé, ColombiaGuatapé, Colombia I don't really celebrate my birthday, nor do I celebrate birthday of any "gods", but I decided I will always celebrate the day I have stepped out of my comfort zone and took my life into my own hands again.During my 10-year spell on the British land I said many times how quickly time had flown. What was even more surprising is that not a lot was happening most of the time due to my workaholism but the feeling of time escaping through my fingers was still present. It's 18:45 here in Colombia, which means in the UK it's 15th April 00:45 - exact time when I boarded my bus to London at Durham Bus Station. Today marks exactly one year since I left my cozy house Edward, my job, my village, my friends, and decide to embark on this journey. Has the time flown quickly?... Comments (0)more...24 mar201824 Guatapé - The land of stones and water placesEl Peñol, Guatape, ColombiaEl Peñol, Guatape, Colombia I haven't written anything about Medellín because there was not much to write. Very large city with many tall buildings, too many cars, and a lot of air pollution. I found myself living next to one of the bigger roads, so the city noise is a normal thing for residents here. I developed a way to block that noise and focus my brain on sounds of the birds that sit on the trees around the area. First two week in the city I spent battling a common cold and next two weeks I had so much work that I didn't have time for anything else. The area I live in, El Poblado, is quite touristy (like San Blas of Cusco), therefore I tried not to judge a whole city based on one district. After few weeks I have longed for a bit of a break outside of the city and the opportunity came when... Comments (0)more...21 dec201721 One step closer to moving my world placesworkMedellin, ColombiaMedellin, Colombia I have been trying to tell myself that my decision to leave UK has been a long process but truthfully days after I came back from Nepal I knew and sensed that my future is about to change drastically. Those who know me will not be surprised when I say that I needed a bit of a plan. For some reason I just can't travel for the sake of travelling and taking pictures 16h a day, don't get me wrong I like taking pictures but it can't be the main goal. Of course the reason has its name workaholism. In the past it would be very negatively charged behaviour that cost me social life, friends, girlfriends, and in general living my life as I should. It became obvious that if I ever want to make it to the non-profit sector professionally, not only do I have to transform my skills but... Comments (1)more...
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