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23 feb201823 The Lost crops of the Incas - The Mother Grain foodCusco, PeruCusco, Peru Do you now what is the Mother of all grains? Guess, just guess...  If you said QUINOA then you are absolutely right! Chisiya mama (which is quinoa in Quechua language) was so crucial for the life of the Incas they considered it sacred. Derived from Spanish spelling of the Quechua name kinwa or occasionally "Qin-wah", it originated in the Andean region before they were colonised and baceme nation-states, where it was successfully domesticated 3000 to 4000 years ago for human consumption, though archeological evidence shows a non-domesticated association with pastoral herding some 5200 to 7000 years ago.  Imagine the Incas domesticated it 4000 years ago and it only made to the US in the 80s! Nowadays its presence is growing especially in vegetarian and... Comments (0)more...6 dec20176 First half of the Cusquenan adventure foodnatureplacesCusco, PeruCusco, Peru Exactly three months ago I arrived in Cusco. 6th September seems like a different lifetime ago and yet it has only been three months. They say the older we get the different our perception of time is. When you're 15 a lot more can happen in a year than when you're 25. Do you believe that? I used to, nowadays I think it's just an excuse for people who can't or don't want a lot to happen in their lives.After 12 weeks I can say I have a pretty good life here in Cusco. It has its routines and stability but at the same time always interesting and daring - I can't call it boring even if I wanted to. Beginnings are always difficult but I learned that humans can adapt to anything and I have too. At first it wasn't easy even with simple things lie weather. High-altitude... Comments (1)more...27 nov201727 The most expensive broccoli in the history of broccolis foodCusco, PeruCusco, Peru Broccoli is such a normal, typical, and casual vegetable, wouldn't you agree? It's not my favourite but I like it, especially in stir-fry or mashed with cauliflower. It was a very common day, 23rd November, and after work I decided to make stir-fry for dinner. Vegetables, mushrooms, chinese spices, and soy sauce was exactly what I needed. Usually I boil my broccoli and cauliflower before I use it in anything but this time I decided to keep it on the fire for longer without boiling. I have to say the dish kicked ass and it disappeared very quickly.That was beginning of the end. Stomach cramps within two hours of eating, not sleeping at all, and then Friday at work wasn't the easiest of workdays. Later I tried to go to salsa lesson as usual on Friday night and for a... Comments (2)more...
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