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5 jul20205 Black, white, and all the greys - the beauty of classic pictures 1920-60s moviesBarcelona, SpainBarcelona, Spain The Many Colours of Black & WhiteMost of the time, when somebody asks me "let's watch a movie!", my mind takes off into a whirlwind of thoughts somewhere around 1936 and wanders through 1940s to find a gem I would like to watch. I know, I know, that's not what today's people mean but I am an old soul. I used to be afraid of black & white movies. "It's boring", "You end up trying to imagine more than you actually see", and more - I've heard it all, either from people or in my own head few years ago.Then I watched a few of those movies. Those were mostly musical comedies with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and some film-noir titles with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. My brain exploded. Splash! Baaroom! All those prejudices... Comments (0)more...11 oct201811 The Avalanche of beauty and trouble - Ava Gardner moviespeopleplacesSmithfield, NC, United StatesSmithfield, NC, United States If you've met me in the last three years it is very likely I have mentioned, once or twice my passion for music, dance, and movies from the past. I started watching them shortly after I had begun doing what I had always wanted - dancing. Since I had chosen tap dancing I began watching musicals from the 1930s and fell in love with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, obviously.Since then my passion has been growing exponentially and so far I watched 165 pictures out of 487 that I want to watch. Along with my passion the list of movies I want to watch is growing.As with anything else you develop your unique sense and liking from which your favourites arise and one of them is definitely Ava Lavinia Gardner. Surprisingly her middle name, which I happen to like very much now, Lavinia, sounds... Comments (0)more...
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