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14 apr201914 The 2-year trip around the half-world naturepeopleplacesLondon, United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom 14th of April will undoubtedly always be a special date in my life. Even 50 years from now, if I ever live that long, I will look at that date in the calendar and remember a small step for mankind but giant leap for me. Every time I think about the process that drove me to finally make the decision of my life, I am puzzled and surprised. When I came back from Nepal in November 2016 nobody, not even me, could expect that three weeks later I would be adamant to leave the job, the country, and the life I had built. It as a very special moment. I had a job offer on the table from a bank but between having a formal chat and them coming back to me I made my decision. Now I can be grateful for their undecisiveness or beaurocracy, whatever that is. Imagine if I hadn't had time to think!My... Comments (0)more...16 mar201916 A short story of identity peopleLondon, United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom It's bloody right when people say travelling teaches us things we might never learn otherwise; it's true that it opens our minds and heart; it's true it helps us destory walls and prejudices quicker than melting icecaps in Antarctica. I spent exactly 33.38% of my life in the UK, 60% in Poland, and the remaining few percent in many different countries. When crossing borders and mixing languages one tends to realise that barriers we are all taught to recognise are disappearing. Suddenly it is not about where you were born, what language you speak, where your parents are from, or any kind of physical characteristic. Everything becomes much simpler. It comes down to the unspoken, unknown, and unexplainable energy between two peole that either puts somebody in your universe... Comments (0)more...28 feb201928 People always leave peopleplacesWilmington, United StatesWilmington, United States Peyton Sawyer hit a nail in the head with her artwork saying that People Always Leave and despite it being a very simple concept I didn't realise its full meaning until I was in the UK for couple of years. All of us use the phrase "I miss you" all the time. Sometimes we forget about it the next minute but sometimes those three words are just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg being unendurable need to have certain people in your life and be a part, however small, of theirs..When I left my Polish home at the age of 19 a lot of unfinished business had been left, well, unfinished. It was never my goal to stay in the UK for a long time; I never believed it would even be possible. "One, maybe two years and I will have to go back" - though my younger self. Suddenly... Comments (5)more...11 oct201811 The Avalanche of beauty and trouble - Ava Gardner moviespeopleplacesSmithfield, NC, United StatesSmithfield, NC, United States If you've met me in the last three years it is very likely I have mentioned, once or twice my passion for music, dance, and movies from the past. I started watching them shortly after I had begun doing what I had always wanted - dancing. Since I had chosen tap dancing I began watching musicals from the 1930s and fell in love with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, obviously.Since then my passion has been growing exponentially and so far I watched 165 pictures out of 487 that I want to watch. Along with my passion the list of movies I want to watch is growing.As with anything else you develop your unique sense and liking from which your favourites arise and one of them is definitely Ava Lavinia Gardner. Surprisingly her middle name, which I happen to like very much now, Lavinia, sounds... Comments (0)more...14 apr201814 365 days of freedom, beauty, truth, and love peopleplacesGuatapé, ColombiaGuatapé, Colombia I don't really celebrate my birthday, nor do I celebrate birthday of any "gods", but I decided I will always celebrate the day I have stepped out of my comfort zone and took my life into my own hands again.During my 10-year spell on the British land I said many times how quickly time had flown. What was even more surprising is that not a lot was happening most of the time due to my workaholism but the feeling of time escaping through my fingers was still present. It's 18:45 here in Colombia, which means in the UK it's 15th April 00:45 - exact time when I boarded my bus to London at Durham Bus Station. Today marks exactly one year since I left my cozy house Edward, my job, my village, my friends, and decide to embark on this journey. Has the time flown quickly?... Comments (0)more...15 mar201815 Finding soul in the (corporate) machine peopleplacesworkDurham, United KingdomDurham, United Kingdom Looking for the new beginningDuring the last 12 months I spent on the road I have been asked many times about what made me take a leap of faith in regards to my career, what or who was my inspiration, and how was I going to survive. It brings me back to one conversation in early February in the kitchen of the office of my previous employer. One of my colleagues, after having heard I was leaving, with no hesitation said he could not believe I was doing it, that I had some guts to go along with a plan like that, and that he wished he could have done something like that too.It took months of preparation and planning to make sure my risks were calculated, my future was at least reasonably safe, and my goals were clearly defined - foundations of a good plan!It is never easy to just pack... Comments (0)more...21 feb201821 Farewell Cusco, it's been great knowing you! peopleplacesCusco, PeruCusco, Peru 165 days, that's 14 256 00 seconds I spent in the sacred city of Cusco. I didn't know I would be going here until late February last year. After haing agreed to go to Honduras first my availability changed and I didn't know if LAFF would wait for me that long. When I received a positive answer I was so happy. It meant I had 9 continuous months of volunteering secured, which I hoped would get me closer to my life goals. Get to know Latin and South America, learn Spanish, improve my salsa, meet great people, but also advance with my professional ambitions that stopped advancing a while ago. As you may know I am in Colombia now where I will be working as Data Analyst/Salesforce Admin (Dev). An opportunity that would never happen without LAFF. When I started volunteering in... Comments (0)more...13 feb201813 Cusco, Cusco es tu nombre sagrado! peopleplacesCusco, PeruCusco, Peru Cusco, Cusco es tu nombre sagradoComo el Sol de Incario immortal,todo el mundo te lleva en el pechocomo canto y bandera triunfal.This is the first verse of the Cusco anthem, which in short four lines show how proud people were and are of their native land.Your name is sacred like the immortal sun of the Incan Empire, whole world carries you in their hearts while signing and waving the flag of triumph.I think there wasn't a day when I didn't think at least once what this place would have looked and sounded like had the Spaniards never been granted a permission from Queen Isabella of Portugal to conquer Peru. I imagine Quechua would still be a primary language, maybe (a big one) Huáscar and Atahulpa would get along to preserve the empire instead getting into... Comments (0)more...3 jan20183 Believe that dreams come true every day, because they do naturepeopleplacesworkKathmandu - Aanbu - Khaireni - Gorkha - Pokhara, NepalKathmandu - Aanbu - Khaireni - Gorkha - Pokhara, Nepal The first time I thought about going on a trip like that was probably around March-April 2016. The thought itself was in my mind for much longer but it was always just a dream I was never ready to chase. At least that's what I chose to keep telling myself, for absolutely no right reason. Volunteering, helping people, using your skills for good, all those things sometimes get a bad name because it's being branded as cliché at best or described as voluntourism, or even white-saviour complex at worst. Many times I also get challenged with an argument, whether it's about my volunteering or country A sending aid to country B, that charity should start at home. They're right but only to an extent. I have been sick of people constantly criticising those who decide... 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