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16 mar202016 Cuesta Arriba, Cuesta Abajo! placesworkBarcelona, SpainBarcelona, Spain 6This is how many days I was missing from having spent one year in London. On February 2nd, 2019 I arrived to the 26th most populated city in the world (thought that it would be higher) but didn't get to see another February in the UK. Spain has always been a dream of mine. Last year was my 20th of watching and supporting Valencia CF through good and bad times. It was also 100th anniversary of the club. I managed to visit it with my friend Abhi, after group of us from work had travelled to Spain to practice our Spanish, and salsa of course :) Ever since I had left South America I was longing to go back there or at least to a Spanish-speaking country but assumed I would have to get my Spanish at a very good level before I will even have the slightest chance landing a... Comments (1)more...10 mar201910 But sometimes they come back placesworkLondon, United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom The second part of Peyton's drawing was a little bit more optimistic than the first one. "But sometimes they come back" is not perhaps the most optimistic quote of the century but it contains one ingredient we, as humans, desire every day - HOPE.When I left UK my life has suddenly became this crystal clear, turbulent, and compelling ocean of possibilities. Yes, that is much better description than just "flexible plan". The truth is, it was flexible. I always had some kind of a plan in my head. Where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do but ultimately the universe dictated all my moves. One of those plans was coming back to the UK, especially before the infamous Brexit, but I did not attempt to put anything in motion. Until the end of last year that is. I... Comments (0)more...15 mar201815 Finding soul in the (corporate) machine peopleplacesworkDurham, United KingdomDurham, United Kingdom Looking for the new beginningDuring the last 12 months I spent on the road I have been asked many times about what made me take a leap of faith in regards to my career, what or who was my inspiration, and how was I going to survive. It brings me back to one conversation in early February in the kitchen of the office of my previous employer. One of my colleagues, after having heard I was leaving, with no hesitation said he could not believe I was doing it, that I had some guts to go along with a plan like that, and that he wished he could have done something like that too.It took months of preparation and planning to make sure my risks were calculated, my future was at least reasonably safe, and my goals were clearly defined - foundations of a good plan!It is never easy to just pack... Comments (0)more...3 jan20183 Believe that dreams come true every day, because they do naturepeopleplacesworkKathmandu - Aanbu - Khaireni - Gorkha - Pokhara, NepalKathmandu - Aanbu - Khaireni - Gorkha - Pokhara, Nepal The first time I thought about going on a trip like that was probably around March-April 2016. The thought itself was in my mind for much longer but it was always just a dream I was never ready to chase. At least that's what I chose to keep telling myself, for absolutely no right reason. Volunteering, helping people, using your skills for good, all those things sometimes get a bad name because it's being branded as cliché at best or described as voluntourism, or even white-saviour complex at worst. Many times I also get challenged with an argument, whether it's about my volunteering or country A sending aid to country B, that charity should start at home. They're right but only to an extent. I have been sick of people constantly criticising those who decide... Comments (2)more...21 dec201721 One step closer to moving my world placesworkMedellin, ColombiaMedellin, Colombia I have been trying to tell myself that my decision to leave UK has been a long process but truthfully days after I came back from Nepal I knew and sensed that my future is about to change drastically. Those who know me will not be surprised when I say that I needed a bit of a plan. For some reason I just can't travel for the sake of travelling and taking pictures 16h a day, don't get me wrong I like taking pictures but it can't be the main goal. Of course the reason has its name workaholism. In the past it would be very negatively charged behaviour that cost me social life, friends, girlfriends, and in general living my life as I should. It became obvious that if I ever want to make it to the non-profit sector professionally, not only do I have to transform my skills but... Comments (1)more...5 dec20175 Experteering with LAFF workCusco, PeruCusco, Peru It was just a typical Monday morning, my last Monday at Salecycle - 3rd April - when I received an e-mail from Latin American Foundations for the Future confirming that I was accepted as a volunteer. My heart was buzzing as I had only 11 days left in the UK and my plans only included few weeks in Canada and then 3 months in Honduras. It was a perfect timing and couldn't be more happier when they also agreed to wait for me until September so that I could finish my placement in El Porvenir. Before I arrived I had my own doubts about what's it going to be like but in places like this you have to have positive attitude. So far every trip had its ups and downs, happy and not so happy moments, each trip also featured some mistakes on my part that I wish I could change, so when I... Comments (0)more...
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