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28 feb201928 People always leave peopleplacesWilmington, United StatesWilmington, United States Peyton Sawyer hit a nail in the head with her artwork saying that People Always Leave and despite it being a very simple concept I didn't realise its full meaning until I was in the UK for couple of years. All of us use the phrase "I miss you" all the time. Sometimes we forget about it the next minute but sometimes those three words are just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg being unendurable need to have certain people in your life and be a part, however small, of theirs..When I left my Polish home at the age of 19 a lot of unfinished business had been left, well, unfinished. It was never my goal to stay in the UK for a long time; I never believed it would even be possible. "One, maybe two years and I will have to go back" - though my younger self. Suddenly... Comments (5)more...26 nov201826 The Magic of Tree Hill and Capeside placesWilmington, United StatesWilmington, United States Hollywood East - that is how sometimes people call Wilmington. From a small English colony in 1720s (first permanent settlement) to a place that is known all over the world (to a limited few) and a cultural hub in the eastern parts of North Carolina with a population over 120 000 in a matter of three centuries. Quite impressive if you ask me!When I was in New York I knew I had to leave it as the cost of living there is way too high. After having decided to visit Sam in Clayton I had to think about my next move. It had been the first time when I didn't have a clear direction where to go. My contract with MovingWorlds was finished and I didn't have anything new in the pipeline, so the world was my oyster!I decided why not go to Wilmington. I have always wanted to do that and... Comments (0)more...11 oct201811 The Avalanche of beauty and trouble - Ava Gardner moviespeopleplacesSmithfield, NC, United StatesSmithfield, NC, United States If you've met me in the last three years it is very likely I have mentioned, once or twice my passion for music, dance, and movies from the past. I started watching them shortly after I had begun doing what I had always wanted - dancing. Since I had chosen tap dancing I began watching musicals from the 1930s and fell in love with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, obviously.Since then my passion has been growing exponentially and so far I watched 165 pictures out of 487 that I want to watch. Along with my passion the list of movies I want to watch is growing.As with anything else you develop your unique sense and liking from which your favourites arise and one of them is definitely Ava Lavinia Gardner. Surprisingly her middle name, which I happen to like very much now, Lavinia, sounds... Comments (0)more...29 sep201829 The Other Durham placesDurham, NC, United StatesDurham, NC, United States Durham Durham! I miss the original Durham, every day. I remember when I lived in Bishop Auckland, a bit to the south from Durham, and only visited the city few times. Every time I liked it and it became my goal to be able to live there one day. I had decided to move to New Brancepeth before I found my then new job. One thing was clear - I wanted to go so I did. Almost 15 months since I left it I found myself in North Carolina in a very close proximty to, as I like to call, the other Durham. It woud be wrong not to check it out and compare the two! From Raleigh it was pretty straightforward to get to Durham, taking one bus to the Regional Transport Center and then another one downtown. Once I arrived I was going to wait for another bus to take me to Duke University but I haven't... Comments (0)more...12 sep201812 Clayton & Raleigh - First look at North Carolina placesClayton, Raleigh, United StatesClayton, Raleigh, United States So I had to leave Colombia. Unfortunately countries never give you more than 6 months on your tourist visa even though I wasn't ready to wave goodbye to Guatape and my dziupla. I decided the cheapest way out was to fly to New York, which may have been in my mind ut not reality. After two weeks in New York I decided it was time to move as living in NYC is not the cheapest. I wanted to stay on American soil in hope that some of my work contracts I have been trying to get will come true and I wanted to be within short flying distance to potential interviews.I scanned the map and after few conversations I decided to visit Sam - my roommate from times in El Porvenir, where we both volunteered for Honduras Child Alliance. Turned out he lived in Clayton, North Carolina, a small town... Comments (0)more...11 dec201711 So tonight I'll be your Brooklyn, so cold and yet so far away! placesNew York, United StatesNew York, United States I can't exactly name the point in time when the dream to visit US appeared in my mind for the first time. It could be when I began to learn English in the first year of my high school and the learning didn't start or end at achool. It was the music, lyrics, TV series that made me want to understand more of the language but also see those places even if they weren't real.  Or maybe it was while I lived in the UK and realised that the world doesn't end on Poznań or Bishop Auckland, and that there's more to it, way more. When I was planning my exit from the UK I decided to apply for a tourist visa to US as a Polish citizen. The initial plan was to apply as a British citizen but after having been rejected twice for British naturalisation I decided that's... Comments (0)more...
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